Los Angeles Meets Amsterdam

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Premium luxury brand Sama is the number one choice for many international celebrities, movie stars and artists. Designer Sheila Vance is known for her vision and fashion-forward approach. Recently she launched the new deCODE Los Angeles Collection as a tribute to the city where she lives and which is always forefront when it comes to major international trends and developments. Think of healthy food, electric cars, no smoking, the movement against weapons and shootings and much more. That’s why the frames have intriguing names like for example No Bullying, No Smoking and No Text and Drive. Apart from that the collection features a lot of innovative technology and production techniques. deCODE LA definitely sets the standard for eyewear at this particular moment in time and we were lucky to shoot the collection here in Amsterdam. The LOFT provided the perfect setting. See for yourself and enjoy it!' Read More...

Los Angeles Meets Amsterdam: Sama Eyewear's Global Foot-Print: