Sama Eyewear Metal Plating Technology


Thick Plating: 5 - 10 micron thick plating insures vibrant, lasting color and far exceeds industry standards.

Nickel-Free Plating: 100% nickel-free plating is hypo-allergenic to protect those with sensitive skin and allergies. 

Precious Metal Plating: plating formulas containing genuine precious metals (e.g., 24k gold, 18k gold, and platinum) insure incomparably rich, luxurious finishes.

• Gradient Metal Plating: custom blended colors combined with a variety of labor intensive processes - including hand sanding - result in smooth color transitions.

• Revolutionary Plating Techniques: innovative, nickel-free processes including rice paper plating (utilizes extremely high pressure to crush a combination of platings into a rice paper effect) and rubber plating (rubberized coating is applied to metal - including titanium - to create as soft, elegant look and feel) keep Sama Eyewear ahead of the competition.

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